Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Gettin Back With the Program

  Getting off track is easy but getting back on track can be pretty hard. This all started back in 2015 as I was jogging one of my favorite jogging trails. I felt pretty good as I was getting down my routine of running and other exercises. I made my round and I felt great. That was short lived.
   When I  woke up the next morning, I was in severe pain.  I could hardly get out of bed, and when I did get up, I could hardly walk. I couldn't even make it down the stairs to go to work, so I called in and went to my, primary doctor who,  after running tests and taking x-Rays, determine that I had Osteo arthritis in my knees. He had me fitted for a knee brace and sent me on my way. 
   I was devastated because it meant I couldn't run (at least for now). I started seeing an orthopedic sports medicine specialist who came up with a treatment plan for the pain. And so far it's working very well, but during that time I was just very down and depressed over the fact that I could not exercise as I used to. I tried different other types of exercises with many of them exacerbating pain. I finally got to the point where I just quit. However, on occasion, I did try to bike along with different things here and there, but iI wasn't consistent.
  A turning point was when I had an event to attend and I had to buy an outfit.  That was a rude awakening. I did NOT like how things looked on me. And I felt like the mirrors in the plus-size department made me look fatter. I didn't like it.
  That really let me know that if I wanted things to change I had to do something. So, today April 30th, 2018, I have made up in my mind that I'm going to get started. I have the Focus T25 other exercise plans here at home but I started with the T25 because it's 25 minutes and it's pretty intense as I'm able to work up to it.  I actually finished the workout and I feel pretty good.
  My muscles are probably going to be sore tomorrow, I'm going to strive for consistency, and that means I need to be held accountable. So vlogging AND blogging will be the way. Because if I don't follow up in the Vlog and blog then that won't be "good for business."
   I really want to get back into shape as well because I am getting older,  which I have to admit, IS NOT easy. It's more difficult to get back in shape at 52  than at 22, 32 or even 42.
  So today was my start and may I continue and push and fight. I know this journey of getting restarted won't be easy, but it's a journey, none-the-less, that I'm willing to take... so here goes!

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